Xeltron, a pioneer in the optical color sorters since 1974, is always at the forefront of world-class technological innovation, focused on providing sorting solutions.

Grain defects vary with each harvest. Our Research & Development Laboratory will analyze your samples to help you achieve the best sort possible according to your requirements.

We offer two types of technologies:

Xeltron conventional roll machines have an electronic optical analyzer that analyzes the grain in 360 °. Fully updated, maintenance costs are reduced by up to 60%. Its easy operation and calibration make the XR-1 the preferred model for micro batches and specialty coffees with a selection volume of up to 200 Kg / h.

Higher Volume – Smaller Footprint – Excellent Sort

Analysis system using RGB cameras with high resolution and speed.

Xeltron’s easy-to-operate priority software can differentiate a wide range of colors and defects.

Small Product

 (Rice, Sesame, etc.)