Xeltron, a pioneer in the electronic selection of grains by color since 1974, is always at the forefront of world-class technological innovation, focused on providing sorting solutions for the benefit of the producer.

There are many factors that alter the defects of the grain and make it changeable with each harvest. Our Laboratory will carry out the necessary tests on your samples to achieve the selection that you require.

We offer two types of screening:

  • Electronic Optical Analyzer
  • Cameras

Xeltron conventional roll machines have an electronic optical analyzer that analyzes the grain in 360 °. Fully updated, maintenance costs are reduced by up to 60%. Its easy operation and calibration make the XR-1 the preferred model for micro batches and specialty coffees with a selection volume of up to 200 Kg / h.

With state-of-the-art RGB HD cameras with high resolution and analysis speed, and priority Xeltron product analysis software, the XV models offer greater volume in a smaller footprint with excellent selection. It has a wide range of selection of colors and defects, maintaining the ease of operation recognized in the Xeltron electronic sorters. The XV models process from 0.2 to 18 ton / h.

Small Product

 (Rice, Sesame, etc.)