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XV – Camera Sorter


XV-3 Series

XELTRON®, world leader in coffee SORTERS, introduces the best CAMERA sorter in the market, the XV model – Xeltron Volume. The XV-3 Series have a sorting capacity of 6.6 to 9 tons / hour, offering the best PRECISION in the SMALLEST FOOTPRINT on the market.

Its low-friction grooved trays line up the grain to be analyzed by cutting edge CAMERA technology and the latest generation of Xeltron’s XV-CCD software.

HIGH-SPEED modified VALVES are used for rejection of the grain. It offers a SELF-CLEANING mechanism for the optical parts as well and the most USER FRIENDLY operation on the market.

Its industrial, high quality and reduced number of components diminish failure rate and the need for technical support and downtime, lowering your overall operational costs and increasing your yield.

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The high-volume grooved trays have a high degree of coating that lowers the friction coefficient, making for better alignment of the grain and diminishing the immediate adhesion of the dust.

Fast Response Optical System

• High resolution 0.14mm / Pixel cameras, with a speed of 2,048 pixels x 2 active lines.

• HIGH EFFICIENCY in quantum data transmission, control functions and high data rate.

• The CMOS RGB IMAGE SENSOR creates a trichromatic view of the grain, which, along with the high illumination system, is highly sensitive to color variations, detecting small color changes in the grain.


• The RGB double line camera generates three viewing colors R = Red, G = Green and B = Blue.

• 2K pixel RESOLUTION.

• Modified LED lights with high durability, reliability and low consumption of heat and energy.

Xeltron XV-CCD software receives high-fidelity, high-speed CMOS RGB images, analyzing the grain and sorting it according to previously selected parameters. If the grain falls within these parameters, the grain passes directly to the accepted hopper, otherwise a signal will be sent to the high precision pneumatic valves to emit a blow of compressed air, expelling the grain to the rejection hopper.

The tactile industrial screen offers high resolution but at the same time it’s robust enough to be to be operated in hostile environments.

• High switching frequency.

• Low power consumption.

• Useful Service life in millions of switching cycles.



Technical Service

With the support of our highly-qualified representatives and technicians, we’re able to provide a fast and efficient assistance.

Spare Parts and Warranty

You can rely on our a large stock of original spare parts for the different models of XELTRON® sorters.

Sample Analysis

We have at your disposal, and at no cost, a Laboratory for Sample Analysis. Make use of over 40 years of product sorting experience.