Our technology … Our difference!!!

This new TECHNOLOGY uses the latest generation in PCB Boards and components in the market, minimizing failure incidence, while decreasing technical services and lowering downtime to a minimum, decreasing overall operational costs.

The internet-free WI-FI system allows for remote operation of one or more machines at once, giving more control and flexibility to the operation.

New ALARM and WARNING indicator. The Alarm indicates a major fault that requires immediate attention (on flow, low flow, decrease of light, etc.), while the Warning is a programmable preventive notification (cleanings, changes of filters, others).

New REPORT SOFTWARE that allows to obtain and keep more information of each lot: percentage of rejections, type of rejections, production by lot, graphs, others.

Unlimited storage for data per customer, harvest and type of grain, parameters used, others.

Cutting edge technology to maximize your return


The new display is designed to be operated with minimum technical training, making it the friendliest in the market.

Copy and self-adjusting system. This gives you the ease to copy the selected parameters to the other channels and gives you the flexibility to adjust one or more channels with different parameters, allowing you to sort different batches at the same time. It’s like having several machines in one.

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Each channel is completely independent. In case one stops, the others will continue sorting without affecting your commitments.

Self-Fault detection system that minimizes supervision by warning the operator of any problem. Rejection system with pneumatic valves that offer low consumption and long operational life.

LED illumination system that lowers consumption rates up to 90% and have a longer life compared to fluorescents and other illumination systems.

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XELTRON® sorts the widest range of defects: orange, yellow, reddish, white, black, stained, damaged, vinegar, metallic green, foreign matter and others, and can be easily programmed according to the needs and variations of each crop.

The Optical Analyzer patented by XELTRON® allows the view of the integrated surface of each grain in 360 °, being able to analyze the grain in its entirety.

Our counter-rotating roller system creates an air cushion that allows each grain to float and align in a perfect flow through the analyzer.

Maximize Your Return

Increase the VOLUME and QUALITY of your product by rescuing every good grain.

Guarantee the prestige of your brand maintaining a CONSTANT QUALITY and a HOMOGENEOUS PRODUCT.

Reduce power and compressed air consumption by eliminating rerun.
Decrease maintenances and idle times INCREASING YOUR PROFITABILITY

Optimize your profits and accelerate your INVESTMENT RETURN

Theory of the operation


The product goes from the main hopper to a small hopper on the machine. An electrical shaker system distributes the product evenly into the rollers/chutes, where the grains slide towards the optical analyzer.


Our unique system of counter rotating rollers generates an air cushion that allows the grains to “float” towards the analyzer without friction, aligning each grain perfectly to be analyzed individually.


Our specially designed, Teflon coated chutes have a low friction coefficient, allowing for a uniform and stable grain flow while passing through the analyzer, achieving high volume and accurate sort.

Optical Analysis

The unique optical analyzer consists of a ring of LED lights that illuminate with high intensity and from all angles each individual grain. Optical fibers capture the light reflected from the grain surface. These electrical signals are analyzed by the micro-controller to provide precise information on the color of each grain.


If the grain is within the acceptance criteria programmed it will continue its path and does not get ejected, otherwise it will be expelled by a blast of compressed air.

Our Products

XELTRON® provides both sorters AND solutions. With the support of our highly qualified representatives and technicians, we are able to provide fast and efficient technical assistance.

Technical Service

Our original parts are subjected to strict quality controls to preserve the value of your machine, extend its life cycle and ensure the validity of the warranty of your selector XELTRON®.

We have a large stock of original spare parts for the different models of XELTRON® selectors, which guarantees your safety, support and confidence.

Whether directly from Head Office or through our distributors, we deliver the parts you require in a fast and secure way.

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Spare Parts and Warranty

Our original parts are subjected to strict quality controls to preserve the value of your sorter, extend its life cycle and ensure the validity of the warranty of your XELTRON® sorter.

We have a large stock of original spare parts for the different XELTRON® models.

Whether directly from our Main Office or through our Representatives, we are there to deliver the parts and provide the service you require in a fast and secure way.

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Sample Analysis

We have at your disposal, and at no cost, a Laboratory for Sample Analysis. Our purpose is to help the client obtain the best possible sort according to their specific requirements, and thus maximize their quality and profitability.

Make use of over 40 years of product sorting experience.

Contact us to determine your requirements and get YOUR perfect sort.

All sample information as well as the results will be kept confidential.

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