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1-XR Series

New high-speed 32 bit micro-controller with Ethernet, cutting edge technology in the industry.

Last generation of PCB boards and components that minimize failure rate, lowering the downtime to a minimum, decreasing overall operational costs.

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The new display is designed to be operated with minimum technical training, making it the friendliest in the market.

Copying and adjusting system. This gives you the ease to copy the preferred parameters to the other channels and gives you the flexibility to adjust one or more channels with different parameters allowing you to sort different batches at the same time. It’s like having several machines in one.

We sort the widest range of defects: orange, yellow, reddish, white, black, stained, damaged, vinegar, metallic green, foreign matter and others, and can be easily programmed according to the needs and variations of each crop.
The Optical Analyzer patented by XELTRON® allows the view of the integrated surface of each grain in 360 °, being able to analyze it in its entirety.
Our rotating roller system creates an air cushion making each grain float and line up to achieve perfect flow through the analyzer.

Each channel is completely independent. In case one stops, the others would continue sorting without affecting your commitments.
Self-Fault detection system that minimizes supervision by warning the operator of any problem. Rejection system with pneumatic valves that offer low consumption and long operational life.
LED illumination system that lowers consumption rates up to 90% and have a longer life compared to fluorescents and other illumination systems.
We offer a wide network of representatives, technicians and spare parts at your disposal for a prompt response to your needs. CONTACT US
Increase your yield and quality of the product saving every good grain.
Guarantee your brands prestige maintaining a uniform appearance and consistent quality.
Lower the downtimes and increase your return
Optimize your profits and accelerate the return on your investment.

Ton = Tons | H = Hour | CFM = Cubic feet per minute | KW = Kilowatts

Model Channels Production Width (mm) Depth
Height (mm)

Compressed Air

Power (KW) 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
1 -XR 1 0.1 – 0.3 395 1220 1740 2.5 0.15
3 -XR 3 0.5 – 0.7 570 1220 1740 7.5 0.35
6 -XR 6 1.0 – 1.4 1040 1220 1740 15 0.70
9 -XR 9 1.5 – 2.1 1500 1220 1740 22.5 1.05



Technical Service

With the support of our highly-qualified representatives and technicians we’re able to provide fast and efficient assistance.

Spare Parts and Warranty

You can rely on our a large stock of original spare parts for the different models of XELTRON® sorters.

Sample Analysis

We have at your disposal, and at no cost, a Laboratory for Sample Analysis. Make use of over 40 years of product sorting experience.