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Replacement Parts

Our original parts are subjected to strict quality controls to preserve the value of your machine, extend its life cycle and ensure the validity of the warranty of your selector XELTRON®.

We have a large stock of original spare parts for the different models of XELTRON® selectors, which guarantees your safety, support and confidence.

Whether directly from Head Office or through our distributors, we deliver the parts you require in a fast and secure way.


XELTRON® has been characterized by its commitment and responsibility to its customers to provide adequate guarantees to their original parts, both mechanical, electrical and electronic.

XELTRON® original parts meet the highest quality standards.

Our parts have strict quality controls to protect the value of their selectors and extend their life, while maintaining the product guarantee.


We have at your disposal, and at no cost, a Laboratory for Sample Analysis.

Our purpose is to help the client to obtain the best possible selection according to their requirements, and thus maximize their quality and profitability.

Make use of our 39 years of experience in product selection.

Contact us to determine the feasibility of the product to be selected and to determine the parameters required.

All sample information as well as results will be kept confidential.